Pros and Cons of Developing an Apple Application

It is no secret that today’s world is a mobile world, and Apple is one of its leaders. It is therefore not surprising to see that more and more software engineers and developers have turned to developing Apple applications, and maybe you are among those who are still on the fence about whether or not you should join the bandwagon and start developing an app for Apple. Well, here are a few pro and cons you might want to take into consideration before you make a decision on whether or not you should pursue developing an Apple application.

One of the biggest draw of Apple products is that it is targeted to a certain market–a premium market that can be relatively lucrative if you decide to tap into them. This contrasts, say, Android whose devices vary from low-end to high-end, and therefore might not necessarily be a particularly lucrative market. This pro is also a double-edged sword, however, as although the market for Apple apps can be incredibly lucrative, the fact that it is marketed as a high-end product means that its general market share and consumer base is smaller than Android.

Another positive aspect of developing an app for Apple is that it is relatively easier to develop as Apple devices are homogenous, with certain standardization prerequisites applied across the board. It is also easier to fix bugs and resolve any issue that might arise once the application is released, as Apple UX and UI are pretty much similar to each other. Plus, there is a standard tool chain available so for the most part you can rest assured that the problems you are facing when developing the app is not without a precedent, therefore you do not need to spend too much time tinkering to resolve it.

Understand the challenges by watching this video!

There are also quite a few other cons to developing Apple apps, however. One of the biggest drawbacks is that you need an approval from Apple itself before the app can be launched to the Apple Store. Because the process is done manually, you can expect the final product to be delayed anywhere from a few hours to a few days, which in turn can delay any important updates you release as well. Not only that, if Apple rejects your application, that’s it–you either have to create a new application and spend more time fixing what Apple thinks is wrong with your apps, which can be dangerous to your living situation if you are initially planning to make that app your sole source of income. Plus, Apple does not allow beta applications in the store, so although this does mean that you can expect an overall high quality of applications in the Apple Store itself, you have to make sure that the app you want to release is fully functional.

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Find Out the Best programming languages to Develop a POS System Today 

Nowadays, technology has been expanding immensely rapidly, they coming up with new trendier smartphones, tablets, laptop and etc. Not only tablet etc. but also nowadays lots of stores also growing rapidly, lastly, they used a calculator to calculate but nowadays they used POS system. That’s why today programmers and also web developers are important and needed because they have a good knowledge of programming languages. Various programming languages are now available and each of them has distinct functions.

About POS (Point of Sale) System 
POS system is an acronym for point of sale. So this system is a network which operated by the main computer and it linked to the several terminals. By using POS system can help you to analyze you sales data, you can figure out how good all the item that you sell and adjust purchasing levels accordingly. This system also can help you to improve pricing accuracy by using a barcode scanner. It may help you to maintain a sales history of your purchase trends. So this system allows you to track usage, you can monitor changes in unit dollar cost, you can control inventory right at the cash register with point of sale (POS) software systems. For your information POS or point of sale software records your each sale when it happens, so your inventory records are always up to date. So you will always get information about your sale each report of your sale and by using this system you will gain better control of your business. Here the features of the point of sale (POS) system:

  • Easy to use, even for a beginner this software is user- friendly.
  • Easy to entry sales information. This system allows you to enter sales manually or automatically via bar code scanner.
  • You can track of your pricing including add amounts, and percentage of cost.
  • Updating product information, once you entered the sale the system of POS will automatically update.

Best Programming Language for developing POS system 
Before we go far, first of all, to choose the best language to develop POS system isn’t an easy task, I think it’s really depend on what programming language you feel comfortable with. If you feel good, suitable, comfortable with Java, go ahead with it, but if you do not comfortable you can choose the other one. So here the best programming languages to develop a POS system:

1. JavaPOS System

Java is the most popular and the best programming language today that has grabbed the highest positions among the other, Java considered as the perfect language for all developers and programmers.

2. C, and C++POS system This programming language is also popular, this is a unique programming language. C++ or C plus plus is a bit more progressive than C utilized immensely in forming hardware speeded in desktop, this programming is also ideal selection for strong desktop

So before you choose which one is suitable for you and your POS system, you should know that programming language needs to be able to read and write to a database, you should choose programming language which is able to send you to the screen and printer reports, charts. Tailor your own POS System today.

A Shorter Historical past of Rolling Stone Journal


Within the late 1960s Jann Wenner was an aspiring rock journalist and scholar at the Higher education of California at Berkley. He enjoyed tunes and dreamt of conference his heroes Bob Dylan, John Lennon and Mick Jagger. In just 1967 alongside with jazz critic Ralph Gleason, Wenner scraped alongside one another $7500 in opposition to buddies and family members and set up Rolling Stone journal within just San Francisco.

As soon as basically 2 decades within e-newsletter Rolling Stone journal was broadly approved as the utmost authoritative newsletter upon rock and roll audio. In accordance towards “The Uncensored Historical past” as a result of Robert Draper, prepared by way of Doubleday within 1990,“Via 1989, Rolling Stone’s mum or dad organization, Right Arrow Publishers, Inc was significance probably $250 million—earlier mentioned 30 thousand days its expense 20-2 several years just before.”

Rolling Stone journal’s editorial record features a prolonged line of presently popular and rewarding photographers, writers and artists. Just before Rolling Stone journal there was no this kind of detail as rock audio pictures. Barron Girl helped as the to start with Rolling Stone employees photographer; Linda Eastman (later on Linda McCartney) was the very first girl photographer towards shoot a Rolling Stone journal go over; Annie Leibovitz helped as the moment staff members photographer and Robert Kingsbury was the journal’s 1st entire-season artwork director.

Rolling Stone journal was the starting up House for a great number of well-known writers such as Hunter S. Thompson, Cameron Crowe, Lester Bangs, Greil Marcus and numerous additional.

All through its heritage Rolling Stone contains highlighted supreme Hollywood actors, musicians and other well-known personalities upon its handles. In accordance in the direction of the e-book “1,000 Rolling Stone Addresses,” compiled by means of the journal’s editors, Mick Jagger is the chief within optimum Rolling Stone journal addresses with 27 quantity.

Rolling Stone journal guide the path upon a great number of at present common journal marketplace habits which includes producing, images and politics.

A person of the highest debatable trails the tunes journal blazed was the arrival of presenting nude superstars upon the journal’s addresses. The initially superstars in the direction of feel nude upon Rolling Stone’s address had been John Lennon and Yoko Ono. The nude Lennon/Ono address was the very first matter of Rolling Stone journal toward promote-out. Because then Rolling Stone contains highlighted quite a few nude stars upon its addresses which includes Jennifer Aniston, Janet Jackson and Christina Aguilera.

The journal’s dimensions and structure incorporates extended been a element of the legacy of the journal. Inside of the early 1970s Rolling Stone modified printers and went in the direction of a tabloid layout bettering the measurements of the addresses against 8.5 inches by way of 11 inches toward 10. 5 inches via 15 inches. For the up coming 30 yrs the journal remained outsized. Continue to, within 2008 Wenner surveyed visitors and later on introduced Strategies in direction of move in direction of a conventional journal sizing with its October 30 place.

Even though Rolling Stone journal is rewarding one replica income include fallen towards 189,000 in the direction of 132,000 within just the previous 9 several years. Wenner hopes the contemporary journal-rack helpful dimensions will enchantment further towards advertisers and people.